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‘Meeduma’ : a bizarre story’
By Susitha R. Fernando
Dilhani, Palitha and Amiththa the main actors of the mystery teledrama “Meeduma”(The Mist) gives a suspenseful performance successfully to awake the televiewers of Swarnavahini on Wednesday at 9.00 pm.

The story begins when a newly married couple spends their first night at a hotel in Nuwara Eliya. They arrive at their selected hotel in their going away car driven by the bride, Sarojini’s brother-in-law Bandara. As they get pretty late to get to Nuwara Eliya, Bandara decides to occupy another room at the same place and spend the night.

During the early hours of the following morning the groom Keerthi wakes up suddenly to find that his wife is missing. Alarmed he rushes out of the room and meets his wife walking back towards the room along the dark corridor.

To his horror he finds that she is carrying a blood-dripping knife and that her nightclothes are stained with blood. He is further confused and troubled when he realises that she is sleepwalking. Utterly disturbed he runs towards the room occupied by Bandara at the further end of the corridor only to find him dead. Overcome with fear he meets his wife now in proper senses desperately looking at the tragic scene.

He rushes back to see Sarojini seated on the bed. Suddenly she wakes and lets out a piercing shriek. Keerthi covers her mouth with his hand. He learns that Sarojini has dreamt that Bandara came to her and asked her to poison him. Sarojini says that since she loved Keerthi she could not think of killing him. So in her dream she empties the poison and goes in search of Bandara finally stabbing him.

Keerthi is confused and wonders why she should dream in a manner involving the three of them. He decides to keep silent and let Bandara’s funeral take place. This incident brings certain amount of restraint to their conjugal love.

Strange events start taking place upon their arrival at their new home that is situated in a lonely place in a beautiful surrounding. They are bewildered when they hear noises in the night and are startled. Keerthi is devastated when he sees Bandara at a window.

Why did Sarojini murder Bandara on that fateful night? How does the spectre of Bandara appear and hang around the house threatening the lives of the new couple? What’s going to happen to them in the future? Where are they driven to?

Meeduma spells this fantastic story in twenty-one episodes through a breathtaking cinematic experience. Ruwan Costa’s cinematography is breathtaking and Navaratna Gamage’s music superbly blends to create the much needed bizarre atmosphere.

The story is adopted from Nihal Peiris’ novel and directed by Anuruddha Jayasinghe with talented actors Dilahani Ekanayake, Palitha Silva, Amiththa Weerasinghe, Sullakkana Mihiripenna, Grace Ariyawimal, Jayani Senanayake, Edward Gunawardena, Prasannajith Abeysooriya and Ashen Manjula. ‘Meeduma’ is produced by Sunil Wickrama and Ananda Lakshman.

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