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Christmas mini play on Rupavahini

A scene from 'Ralu Pawana Nischala Wiya'

Among the various other programmes produced by different TV stations, the Teledrama Unit of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation will present a one episode Christmas miniplay "Ralu Pawana Nischala Wiya" on Christmas day afternoon.

Directed by Jagath Chandrasiri the telefilm revolves around a girl who goes in search of answers for the problems in her life and will be telecast at 1 pm on December 25 on the Rupavahini channel.

'Sinduri' is the only child born to a middle class Tamil family. Failing to find solutions to problems she faces in her young days she joins a rebel group. The girl soon realises that she is in the wrong place and she gets fed up with the hard life she experiences there.

Waiting for a chance to get away from this company Sinduri is appointed to recruit new members to the organisation.

One day the girl manages to escape and returns to her parents who are jubilant at her arrival. The threats from the rebel group on Sinduri continues and finally she is sent to her uncle for protection.

Seeing the danger of keeping the girl, 'Dorai Appa' sends Sinduri as a servant girl to a rich family. When the owners of the house plan to take a police report on Sinduri she secretly runs away fearing that her past records would be revealed. Sinduri who went in search of solutions to problems of life meets a nun and ends up in a convent where she sees a completely new world. Would Sinduri be able to find answers here?

The teleplay stars Niranjali Manjalee, Kamalani Aiyar, Nirmalee Wickremasinghe and Taniya De Silva. It is produced by Hiranthi Peiris.

Lackshman's gift to children
Lackshman Perera, keyboardist of Orange Blossom Special has released his latest Christmas cassette 'Christmas Song For Children' recently.

Lackshman, a technical officer attched to SLBC has produced this Christmas cassette specialy for the children. The Christmas songs on this audio are sung by the students of Devi Balika Vidyalaya.

Angela Fonseka, Dinithi Kattagoda, Semini Gunawardana, Ashani Wicramaarrachchi, Hasani Erandi Perera are the students, featured in this audio.

Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Solo by Hasani Perera), Silent Night, Mary's Boy Child, Little Drummer Boy (Solo by Hasani Perera), Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer. Deck The Halls (Solo by Hasani Perera) and We wish you a Merry Christmas are some of the songs included in this cassette.

Lackshman Perera has released two cassettes previously. 'Christmas Instrumentals' Cassettes - 'Santa Claus Coming to Town' and 'Christmas is Here' released in 1997 and 2001 respectively.

Also Lackshman's Childrens' Musical Programme for Christmas Day will be aired on 5.30pm to 6.00pm on FM 95.6 Mhz.

Music arrangements for this programme is done by Lakshman Perera and all songs were recorded in the SLBC Ananda Samarakoon Studio.

Programme is compere by Viran Corea and will be produced by Shiromali Fernando.

He has already composed two Sinhala songs for this special Christmas programme and one New Year song with his daughter Hasani Erandi Perera and other children.

All these songs are broadcast through SLBC Sinhala Service, SLBC English Service and Sports Service.

'Roma Puranaya' on Swarnavahini

The celebrations connected with Christmas have shared the spotlight in various forms of media. Television has, among them, become the most powerful since it is visual. This Christmas too all the TV channels have organized various programmes.

Some of them are "Roma Puranaya" a novel programme from the Vatican in Rome to be telecast on Swarnavahini channel.

This programme telecast at 9 pm on December 24 and 9.30 am on 25 will include a special holy mass celebrated by Pope John Paul II with the participation of Sri Lankans living in various parts of Italy.

In addition to the religious programme a number of documentary programmes on historically important places will be telecast in between this special programme on these two days.

Some of these important religious places are Venice, the church in Padua in which St. Anthony's mortal remains are kept, St' Peter's Basilica, St' Sebastian's main church in Milan, the Church of St. Francis of Assisi and the staircase Jesus trod on his way to the final judgment

This programme also would take its viewers to the Tomb of Romeo and Juliet, the house and museum of Michelangelo in Florence, leaning tower of Pisa, Pompei,

Vesuvius volcano and the Coleseum.

Sirasa TV would bring "Lowa Wata Naththal Siya Samagin" (Around the world with Santa Claus) which shows that Santa Claus coming to Sri Lanka from Atlanta for five days from December 20 to 25.

On the Christmas morning at 7 am the main programme will be telecast with children singing carols. A musical show named 'Bethlehempure' backed by Golden Chimes will be at 9.30 pm.

The programme will feature Annesly Malewana, Indrani Perera, Mariazelle Gunathilake, Joe B. Perera, Anil Barathi and Dharmaratne Brothers and Milory Fonseka.

The programmes that are to be telecast on Rupavahini channel are December 20 and 21 at 9.35 pm-"Child called Jesus", Christmas teledramas from 23 to 26 at, "Naththal Gee siri" at 7 am on 25 and at 6.30 pm on 26 at 6.30 pm and "Naththalata Nawa Aruthak" musical programme at 2.30 pm on December 25.

Holy Father's Message from the Vatican city will be telecast at 6.00 pm on Christmas Day.

On channel EYE-Rita Macwels Once upon X'mas will be on December- at 1 pm and Christmas Carols at 5pm on 24 and at 6pm on 25.

Rupavahini welcomes Sumathi winners
The Sumathi Tele Award winners who starred in Rupavahini productions were given a rousing welcome by the Corporation.

These awards winners have taken part in teledramas and other programmes telecast on Rupavahini and EYE, both which are handled by the SLRC. They have grabbed the highest number of awards.

The artistes felicitated included Jayalath Manoratne- Best Actor ('Sanda Ama-wakai'),Wasanthi Chathurani-Best Actress ('Kulawamiya'), Channa Perera and Yashodha Wimaladharma, who were adjudged Popular actor and actress for rules in "Sathpura Wesiyo".

Producer and director of 'Sanda Amawakai' Ananda Abeynayake and Prasanna Jayakody and camera director, editor and make-up-artiste- Palitha Perera, Rukmal Nirosh, Priyantha Sirikumara respectively of the same drama were among the winners.

In addition Sumithra Rahuba-dde who wrote the screen play for "Kulawamiya" was adjudged the best and Navaratne Gamage the Best Music Director in "Wishwa Gamana" and Nayana Kumari -Best supporting actress and Jayani Senanayake-Best Promising Actress both in "Sanda Amawakai" were also honoured. Athula Ransirilal of SLRC who produced the children programme "Be Kiyala Be" which was chosen the Best Children's programme also was honoured.

Sriyani Amarasena and Wimal Alahakoon of 'Hemanthaye Wasanthayak' and Ruhani Weerasinghe 'Diya Sevaneli' and Sandya Mendis 'Sathpura-Wesiyo', who won merit awards, were also felicitated.

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