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Lankan stars say no to dream dates
But Love, give, happiness and peace are their Christmas themes
By Poorna Rodrigo
Yet another Christmas Festival is just around the corner. For many there is a reason for celebration this time, especially with peace very much in the air, while for some just a day is not needed to celebrate love. They believed the good spirit of Christmas should be there right throughout the year.

For others, this is just another day. What matters is not ther pomp and grandeur but its true meaning.

TV Times spoke to a cross section of celebrities in the society.

"If you got a chance to have a date-out with anyone of your choice for this Christmas, whom shall you select and why. Also What does really Christmas mean to you?".

That was our question, which we fired at all these glamour lot and see how they fare.

Sunil Perera of Gypsies says Christmas is for giving. "It is often associated with the rich giving for the poor and I believe this should not be confined to Christmas time alone. Let the whole year be regarded in the same spirit. If people can believe every day is Christmas the world would be a much better place to live in".

Sunil who became the centre of controversy of late, certainly sounded controversial when asked if there would be a special person of his choice out there that he would like to come across for this Christmas. " I would like meet Bill Clinton and ask while being the President how he survived the scandal regarding Monica Luwinsky. " We are all human. No matter whether you are a President or a layman you all have same tendencies and the same sexual inclinations, sounded very much frank. "I would like to visit a South American country with him and ask him as to why he took such a great risk, while being the most powerful person in the world".

"We all have our weakness and we should learn to come to terms with it. People hardly admit their weaknesses. That is the difference between me others".

For Kumar De Silva who has converted himself to a Buddhist says be it Christmas, Vesak or for that matter Sinhalese New Year, this is just another day. Perhaps in grandeur and commercialisation we forget the true meaning of these seasons. " It is sad people go partying around this season and go strong on this matter that I really don't approve such things.

Given a chance I would like to go out with my wife to a romantic city like Paris for the season. (How boring ,isn't it?)

Rajiv Sebastian, one of the popular singers in the local scene says it nice to see the happy faces of people. They are into shopping and comparatively seem to be happy especially with the war being on hold.

However he had a grouse. "If musicians are allowed to express their views in a free manner, it would turn out to be even a better Christmas", in fact his comment had undertones of the recent attack on Sunil Perera.

"I believe this is a time to give and take and help those who need it. But you don't want to have a special season of the year. It's for all seasons"

With a hectic schedule to deal with Rajiv says going out on holidaying is nothing new. "It is not exclusive for this season. When I feel like getting a break, I go for it",but with whom is a secret" he said.

Corinne de Almeida sounded a bit philosophical. "Just as much as the outer peace, inner peace is important for me. At the end of the day, it is the peace within you that matters".

"In the backdrop of peace talks people should join hands with others to celebrate Christmas in its true spirit" she said

Often outspoken Corinne had nothing to hide when asked with whom she would like to go out for this Christmas.

"Well my loved one is in Oman and I'll be in States and my son elsewhere". I wished we all are together for the season. Asked if there is a spcial place she would like to visit she said: "It's nothing like the good old home". (surprise..surprise!!)

The heartthob of small screen,Yashodha Wiamaldharama, the famous actress too believes the spirit of Chirstmas should be right throughout. But at least if people can make a special effort to think about others in a humane manner, it would make all the difference. "It time for giving and for forgiving".

Christmas means more a spiritual journey with none but God, she sounded spiritual. " If only I could reach upto God and be a messenger. It matters a lot for me". Certainly there is much more in her than her good looks.

Sexy singer Ginger says it's nice to see all the streets lit up for this Christmas and one really gets a feeling of Christmas. It is not just the lighting, but the spirit is pretty much out there due to many reasons. It shows a lot.

"I would certainly love to go for some romantic place with my fiancee and my family to celebrate the season in a special manner", she said. ( Oh no....)

Prithi de Almeida, the Public Relations Manager attched to Taj Samudra too is looking forward to this Christmas in a big way. "You can feel the sense of peace. So why not celebrate it in a special manner".

Moreover she has got special someone whom she didn't want to name but very much understood with whom she wanted to spend this Christmas.

" I want to escape all the busy work in Colombo and go outstation", she giggled.

For Malcolm Perera of Dream Team, spending the Christmas with his wife and daughter matters more than anything else." Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus. People are talking big about Christmas. But its real essence is hardly practiced and experienced in our day-today life. What matters most is experiencing Jesus through our lives. And nothing else", he was adamant.

Malcolm wants to go to Dubai for this Christmas as he got J Lo coming for a gig there. " But do not tell my wife ' he said.

Lanka's super model Rozanne Diaz is the only one who opened her heart to a true picture. "If I get achance, I really would love to go out with Michael Jordan . He is my dream Man" she said.

'May be in Alaska for this Christmas, would be ideal place for me . Because Jordan is really hot' she said. Also love and care is her theme for this Christmas.

It is surprise to listen to these answers. All these celebrities except, Rozanne have not given out their true picture. Nobody wants to have their dream date in public.

But TV Times wishes them 'Merry Christmas' and for all their all off stage dates.

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