Firewalking and the Third Eye Chakra
For centuries, the art of man walking on fire has been a part of religious and mystical ceremonies in many parts of the world. The only part of the world I have personally seen this is in Sri Lanka.

This followed a concert of local folklore in Kandy, which takes place regularly and is aimed at tourists. There is no doubt that the fires are real-the heat from them can be felt more than 30 feet away.

Sparks fly high into the sky and petrol is continuously poured unto the flames to keep the fire stoked up. It appears that the men dowse themselves liberally with water before the firewalking. There is no hurried rush to cross the flames; all appear calm and controlled.

During the Perahera Festival, the most famous of which is celebrated at the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, but which is also enacted in other parts of Sri Lanka, fire-walking is part of the religious ceremonies. In July and August, the amazing Kataragama Festival takes place over a two-week period.

Once a deep jungle, this has become a place of worship for Hindus as well as Buddhists, Muslims and, surprisingly some Christians. The major part of devotees are Hindus, as the festivals honour Skanda, (the God of War) the main deity of Kataragama.

Here, acts of self-mortification take place in repayment of vows. Some roll half-naked in the scorching sand, others skewer their cheeks and tongues with miniature spears.

The most famous spectacle is the fire walking. Old men and women, as well as small children, walk over a bed of burning embers without any visible sign of discomfort and show no injury to their feet. Originally holy men enacted these ceremonies. Now it is the local people who participate with the Holy man directing the ceremony.

It is known that many walkers have undergone a long religious training and are able to put themselves into a trance at will.

In this state of trance they will feel no pain and fear no harm to their person. However, this reasoning does not seem valid for children. Although Western scientists have examined these firewalkers and noted that not even their soles were burnt or blistered, and the person had normal reactions to sensitivity tests, they cannot offer any rational explanation as to why firewalkers are not badly burnt.

I personally believe they are in a state of deep self-hypnosis. In the deepest form of meditation/trance the human body can block out pain. It has been recorded that many major operations have been undertaken with the patient in a state of trance. In its own way, firewalking is comparable with the men of the Philippines who act out the crucifixion of Christ; by allowing themselves to be crucified each Easter.

The Third Eye
For thousands of years man has been credited with having a third eye. It is known by man as the Eye of Enlightenment.

The more psychic the person, the more open is this 'eye'. It grants the access of knowledge through clairvoyant means, which would normally not be known. This chakra is connected to the pineal gland. The pineal gland is pea-sized, and buried at the back of the skull.

In the 4th century BC, the Greek Herophilus stated that the pineal gland was the valve, which regulates the flow of thought. Some 2,000 years later the French philosopher Descartes called it the seat of the rational soul.

A study of creatures, which have not changed their forms for aeons, reveals that the pineal gland is sensitive to light.

This light is allowed through via the Third Eye Chakra. In 1958 Aaron Lerner, an American scientist discovered a hormone produced by the pineal gland. He named this Melatonin and it controls the spread of melanin, the pigment that gives colour to the skin and hair.

Melatonin is a by-product of seratonin, which is found in large quantities in the pineal gland. When the correct amount of seratonin is present in the brain, it is thought that man can 'think straight'.

When it is absent then hallucinations can occur. Those who take mind-altering drugs upset their seratonin level, which can cause numerous and horrific side effects, according to the drug taken and the vibrations of the individual.

Courtesy 'Of Spirits and Soul.'

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