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StageFright&Panic member's book launch

Anuruddha (centre) with his co-stars

Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr, presented by StageFright&Panic, directed by Feroze Kamardeen, January 3-6, 2003 at the Lionel Wendt Theatre, Colombo.

Box plan and tickets at the Wendt

In a hurriedly convened press conference held in their posh international office on the French Riviera, the members of Stagefright&Panic announced the launch of a new book written by self-styled Shakespearean scholar, Anuruddha Fernando.

Anuruddha has spent a considerable time in compiling this book and his research into the life of William Shakespeare is remarkable. His book, entitled, I Love my Willy, is a passionate yet gentle, strong yet mild tribute to the greatest of all English playwrights. This book will be launched to coincide with the staging of their play, The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr.

Hello out there
Dear Chaturika,
Best wishes for your 16th birthday. May good luck be with you so you get 10 As for your O/L exam.
Your loving 007

To my secret admirer in Ratnapura,
Hi! I called you once but did not say who I was. You may not know me but I'll keep on loving you.
From the girl who called you on December 2 at 11.00 a.m.

My loveliest Mee Pancha,
Your love has given me a pathway to walk with you. My eyes keep looking for you. My ears feel empty without hearing from you. I love you and miss you. Please come soon.
Sudu Pusi

Dearest Thaththa,
There's nothing too good for a father like you. So this comes with a world of love and warm wishes, for you, the world's best father. Wish you a very happy birthday. Lots of love,
Dinali, Amanda and Malshani

My ever loving RN,
Eid Mubarack. I love you more than yesterday. Tomorrow I will love you more than today. You are so beautiful that I can't take my eyes off you.

To the queen of my heart FS,
Happy birthday to you my love. It is a day that must be celebrated. I miss you a lot. By the grace of Allah, I hope there will be success for us.

Dear Shiwanke,
Hey mysterious guy, you are a very special friend because you are the most wonderful guy I have ever met. Have a happy 19th birthday. May your future be bright. Be my friend forever.

Spoons, sweets and a look behind the scenes
As the season rings in, it is obvious that there's a festive feeling in the air. And the Hilton Colombo has made sure that the season goes down well with everyone. Everyone of all ages, tastes and races.

"We have faced many challenges during the past few months, and are delighted that the hotel's refurbishment programme has come to a close, and the Hilton is looking better than ever. We are looking forward to a season full of fun and excitement" says Yasmin Cader, Director, Marketing Communications of the Hilton.

"The opening of our new restaurant, which is fondly referred to as our 'new signature' restaurant, has certainly proved to be a success too." Spoons was opened on November 30. "This is a restaurant for fine dining, and its special feature is the fact that the kitchen is open to the guests," states Ms. Cader.

"This is the the newest fashion in restaurants all over the world - the kitchen is open to whoever is dining here. They can walk around and see what is being made, and how it is done," she explains.

"The presentation of the dishes is done very differently; it is very modern and arty. There are no flowers anywhere, yet the ambience is delightful." she adds.

The Christmas celebrations are in full swing. "Fine Things" - Ginger Bread House has a variety of delicacies ranging from Christmas cake to Christmas cookies. The Christmas dinner at Spoons is also very unique. The menu has been specially created by the Executive chef Rohan Fernando-pulle, and includes delicacies such as 'Foie Gras' and 'Crepe Pate on Bees' and 'Christmas Yuletide Log with white chocolate ice-cream'.

Spices, Curry Leaf and Il Ponte also have equally interesting menus laid out for their Christmas day celebrations.

The 31st night celebrations are also something worth talking about.

The Silver Ball at the Grand Ballroom, which is an international dinner extravaganza, is to be the grandest event ever.

With Pearl and Heat as the bands in attendance, and Mohammed Adamally as the compere for the evening, it should certainly prove to be more successful that ever.

Spoons would also be having a special menu, which consists of 'Blue Water Lobster Package with Bees Honey Rocket' and 'Warm sticky walnut Pudding with Glazed Snow Truffle'. The other restaurants are also celebrating with equal splash.
- Thiruni

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