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City coroner orders arrest of nurse
A 35-year-old pregnant mother and her baby in her womb died after she suffered haemorrhage following rupture of the womb when a nurse at the De Soysa Maternity Hospital allegedly pushed her from the trolley.

The mother, N.N. Sriyani, accompanied by her husband and sister, was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday for the delivery of her fifth baby.

She was in a trolley to be taken to the labour room, when a nurse had approached Sriyani to examine her with a stethoscope. However, Sriyani had not allowed the nurse to do the examination and the nurse had left.

Soon after, another nurse had approached Sriyani and had snapped why she couldn't bear the pain as this would be her fifth child and allegedly pushed her down from the trolley.

About 15 minutes later, Sriyani, who was taken to the ICU was said to be dead due to haemorrhage following rupture of the gravid uterus (womb) due to blunt trauma to the abdomen, the doctor's report said.

City Coroner Edward Ahangama, returning a verdict of homicide, said nurses should act like human beings. He ordered police to arrest the nurse.

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