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Sinhala vintage films at The Elphinstone
A rare film festival which includes popular Sinhala old films will be held in aid of the welfare fund launched for the local actors, actresses and technical crew, from November 22 at 6 pm at Elphinstone Theatre.

A scene from the film 'Wasana (1976)

The festival organised by the National Film Corporation which started the Fund to support the artistes who had been involved in the Sri Lankan cinema throughout the last five decades and who face difficulties in the twilight of their lives.

The five films "Handapana" (1965), "Sundara Birinda"(1960), "Hatharadenama Surayo" (1971), "Thushara' (1973) and "Wasana" (1976) will be screened from November 22 to 26.

The opening film "Handapana" starring Herbert M. Seneviratne, Vijitha Mallika, Piyadasa Gunasekara, Ruby De Mel and Cyril Wickremage was produced by Herbert M. Seneviratne and directed by Kingsley Rajapakse.

"Sundara Birinda" starring Ravindra Rupasena, Leena De Silva, Ananda Jayaratne, Clarice De Silva and Christy Leonard Perera was produced by Jabeer A. Cader and directed by D. Yoganandan.

"Hatharadenama Surayo" stars Gamini Fonseka, Sriyani Amerasena, Malani Fonseka, Vijaya Kumaratunge and Anthony C. Perera and was produced and directed by Neil Rupasinghe.

'Thushara" stars Joe Abeywickrema, Vijaya Kumaratunge, Malani Fonseka, Sonia Dissanayake, Baptist Fernando, Liliyan Edirisinghe, B. S. Perera and Shanthi Lekha. Producer was Mohamed Omar and Kareem Hassan while it was directed by Yasapalitha Nanayakkara.

The cast in the film "Wasana" are Vijaya Kumaratunge, Malani Fonseka, Rukmani Devi, Joe Abeywickrema, Geetha Kumarasinghe, Nita Fernando, Freddie Silva and B. S. Perera. Its producer was G. V. T. Wickremasinghe and W. H. Sumathipala and was directed by K.A.W. Perera.

The rates for tickets are front seats at Rs 50 , ODC at Rs. 75 and balcony at Rs. 100.

Colourful Show of 'Varna'
The teacher-student joint exhibition of paintings, collages and pottery- "Varna"- (Colours) will end at the Thiruvasi Kala Bhawana, Colombo 3 today.

The exhibition is presented by the painter Ouida Keuneman and her student Mohan Subasinghe. The exhibition is held at Lak Uruma Art Foundation and Thiruvasi Kala Bhawana at No. 8/2, 27th Lane, Off Inner Flower Road, Colombo.

A film with an interesting title
By Susitha R. Fernando
The telefilm "Ada Ada Ei Maru", is a story about a detective who is investigating a series of mysterious murders. This will be telecast every Sunday at 7.30 pm on the ITN Channel.

Palitha Silva in a scene from the teledrama 'Ada Ada Ei Maru'

This mini film produced by Benn Films and was directed by Christy Shelton Fernando with Samanmali Hewamanne as the producer.

Robin Prathapasinghe (Gamini Hettiarachchi) is a millionaire land owner who lives with his only daughter, Wimala (Imali Uthpala) after the death of his wife.

House maid, Anula who has been serving the household for many years interferes with almost everything in the home.

Robin's wife had died due to an accident. The relationship with the father and the daughter are strained as Wimala thinks that her father deliberately did this.
And she too is a cripple.

Kamala (Biyanka Shyamani) a model and a night club hostess is Robin's second wife. She is as young as Robin's daughter and they are not on good terms. Kamala is a kleptomaniac and Robin who comes to know this hires Navaratne (Palith Silva) a private detective to check on her. Navaratne is a retired police officer and he chooses Prema, Ananda, Nayana and Kamal as his assistants. Navaratne assignes Nayana with the task of following Kamala. But Kamala comes to know this and she confronts Navaratne, yet she is not successful in deterring him from following her. Then she tries to entice Navaratne and this too meets with a failure.

One day Nayana's naked body is found in a public park and her death is a mystery. Conducting inquiries the police finds that Nayana is attached to Navaratne's security firm. Even after questioning Navaratne the police draw a blank regarding any clues. This is due to Navaratne who tries to protect the identity of his client. Yet Navaratne and his assistants keep on searching for the murder. Thennakoon a man who was in the park on the said day of the incident says that Kamala was in the vicinity when the murder was committed.

While they were trying to question Kamala she too has disappeared mysteriously. Curiosity grows with the finding of a diamond necklace belonging to Kamala in Nayana's room. Navaratne tries to enter Prathapasinghe's house to question about the necklace and is beaten thoroughly by Madanayake, the security guard. Madanayake is an unscrupulous man who collects money by deceiving girls. Navaratne manages to unravel this and many other things about Kamala and Madanayake from one of Madanayake's former girl friends, Lila. Lila too is a night club hostess and had once worked with Kamala in the same night club. Lila tells that Kamala later got married to Prathapasinghe with the intention of getting his wealth. Lila too is angry with Kamala as she had taken one of her earlier boy friends Weerasinghe.

However one day Kamala who had come to Navaratne's house was found killed mysteriously. Navaratne who goes after all the murders unravel the reasons and the man whom he never thought behind all the incidents.

The cast include Nimanthi Porage, Deepika Sandanayake, Ananda Athukorale, Anula Wanigasuriya, Roma Rosy Jayakody and Nimal Yatiwella.

In the technical crew are Tony Ranasinghe who wrote the screenplay and P. K. Leonard who handled the camera. Jagath Weeratunge had edited the film. Music score is by Sarath Wickremage and production executive is Bennette Ratnayake.

'Ran Dalambuwo' on Rupavahini

Tony, Swineetha, and Rangana Premaratne in

"Randalambuwo" a teledrama, scripted by veteran actor Tony Ranasinghe, is being telecast every Wednesday at 7.30 pm on Rupavahini Channel.

This 20 episode family drama centered on the day to day household happenings is directed by Sanjaya Alwis and produced by Jayasiri Fernando.

"Randalambuwo" stars Tony Ranasinghe, Swineetha Weerasinghe, Rangana Premaratne, Neil Alles, Nissansala Jayatunge, Surangani Ruwanmali and Priyantha Rathnayake.

'Bridge on The River Kwai' at Russian Centre
Popular film of yester year 'Bridge on The River Kwai' will be screened at the Russian Centre in Colombo on November 23 at 5.30 pm.

'The Bridge on the River Kwai,' the winner of seven Academy Awards (1957) including the best picture, was directed by David Lean. This movie was highly praised and considere as one of the best war movies, starring William Holden (Commander/Major Shears), Alex Guiness (Colonel Nicholson), Jack Hawkins (Major Warden,) Sessue Haykawa (Colonel Saito).

Opening early 1943 within the confines of a Japanese prison camp, a British Officer named Col. Nicholson (Alex Guiness) surrenders his force to the camp's Japanese overseer, Colonel Saito. In doing so Col. Nicholson acknowledges his order to surrender, but gives notice of his devotion to army. Witnessing the exchange with cynical resignation is an American named Major Shears (William Holden) who thinks Nicholson is mad for taking on Saito the way he does.

Be there at the Russian Cente to watch this movie, which was shot in Kithulgala, where the wreckage of the 'bridge' can still be seen.

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