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LTTE returning gold to 40,000 families
By Chris Kamalendran
In a different form of a golden hand shake with the people,the LTTE has decided to return the gold it had collected from about 40,000 families for the war effort six years ago.

The LTTE on Friday announced in Jaffna that the first batch will receive the gold from November 21 and thereafter it would take place in stages with each family getting back two sovereigns.

The LTTE's financial division chief V.Thamilendhi said the first batch of 2500 families to receive the gold had been selected by way of a draw. The LTTE had demanded two gold sovereigns each from every family living in the Jaffna peninsula when it was about to begin 'Eelam war -III' in 1995. It was compulsory for the families to make the contribution. The Financial division head said that they were now in a position to return the gold as the money was no longer required for the war effort.

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