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'Pathiniyakage Horawa' depicts ills of society
"Pathiniyakage Horawa" is a film woven around a woman who becomes the victim of evil practices in society.

Nilusha Halpita in a scene from "Pathiniyakage Horawa"

Anju and Akila are a young married couple. They dreamt of having a child but this has been denied them due to a reason unknown to them. After undergoing several medical tests Anju realizes this is due to the impotency of her husband Akila. The girl who does not want to hurt her loving husband keeps it as a secret.

But on the other hand Akila suspects his wife to be barren which leads to misunderstandings between the two.

Meanwhile Monica, the playful assistant at Dr. Kularatne's private hospital gets friendly with Anju. She has an ulterior motive in this. Having heard about Anju's problem with her husband Monica speaks of getting a child by illegal means and says she would help her in this.

But Anju strongly opposes the other's suggestion.

Having failed in the first attempt Monica resolves to use another plan to tackle Anju. She invites Anju to a hotel on the pretext that it was her birthday and there she manages to make the girl unconscious. Monica has Anju seduced by her friend Chandra. And Anju becomes pregnant by Chandra.

Akila thinks the child Anju carries is his. Thus the quarrels in the family end.

Monica begins to demand money from Anju saying the that whole secret about the unborn child would be told to Akila if she does not agree to her demand.

Finally Anju agrees to Monica's proposal that Chandra would go abroad if she provides the money for his departure.

A few months later Anju gives birth to a little girl and the new comer gives happiness to both Akila and Anju.

But the happiness is short when Chandra returns and demands more money. He also threatens to take legal action to obtain custody of the child.

Anju once again gets caught in a miserable situation.

The cast include Roger Seneviratne, Nilusha Halpita, Samudra Hikkaduwa and Arjuna Kamalanath.

Sriyani wears 'The Mask'
By Susitha R. Fernando
Sriyani Amerasena's latest teldrama "The Mask" (Wes 'Peraliya) is to be telecast soon.

Diyana with Pabodha Sandeepani

The teledrama was entirely shot in Australia. Our cover girl today, Diyana Fernando is a Sri Lankan girl stndying in Australia play the role of Kanthi.

It is a detective story woven around a wife,who dares to unravel the murderous activities of her husband.

The script of the teleplay is by Chandrasiri Dodangoda.

Eddy, is a well-to-do Sri Lankan bachelor living in Australia. Fed up with the lonely life in an unkown country he invites his nephew, Rahal and his wife Kanthi who are in Sri Lanka to live with him. Delighted with the arrival of the young visitors Eddy appoints Rahal to a high post in his company and he even treats Kanthi with much consideration.

Lucky a young Sri Lankan who works as a spy is a friend of Eddy. His real job remained a secret to everyone including Eddy.

Meanwhile Eddy accidentally meets a beautiful Sri Lankan girl, Yvonne and falls in love with her. He was even prepared to marry her and this he reveals to his closest relations Rahal and Kanthi. Even though Kanthi is happy with the news, Rahal who had an eye on Eddy's wealth gets upset and he tells this to his wife too. But Kanthi who is more sincere tells that they have to look after their uncle's future rather than their personal benefits.

However Eddy prepares for his wedding and Rahal makes up a plan to avoid it. This he keeps as a secret from his wife Kanthi too.

But suddenly Eddy disappears just one week before his wedding. It mystifies veryone.

Rahal acts as if nothing has happened but Lucky, the spy begins to investigate on the sudden disappearance. He suspects Rahal.

Meanwhile Rahal shows interest in Christine, a girl working in Eddy's company which later develops in to an illicit affair. Kanthi who hears about this questions Rahal. This infuriates Rahal and he decides to make an end of his own wife's life too. He one day taks Kanthi on a picnic and pushes her from a hill. But Kanthi though severely injured manages to save herself.

Lucky who was investigating on the disappearance of Eddy hears about Kanthi's sudden absence. When Rahal is questioned he said she had left to Sri Lanka.

No sooner had Kanthi disappeared Rahal brings Christine to his house.

Meanwhile Kanthi, after having narrowly escaped from death resolves to unravel all the murderous activities of her husband and manages to find a job in Rahal's office itself. Kanthi disguised as 'Grace' gets friendly with Rahal's new wife Christine She even manages to get a room at Eddy's house, her former residence.

Lucky, Yvonne and all the others who were waiting to find out about the mysterious disappearances come to know about Kanthi's latest role and are eagerly waiting to find out the truth. Would Kanthi be able to find the real murderer and would she have enough evidence to prove it? All these are to be answered at the end of 'Wes Peraliya'.

"Kopi Kade" is 16 years old
"Kopi Kade" has become the longest teledrama and has reached its 800th episode this Wednesday. This week's episode is about a stranger coming from outer space.

A scene from Kopi Kade , with the alien from outer space

Having been telecast continuously for the last 16 years the single episode teleplay brings out a new plot every week centered on timely issues and is presented with a message to its audience.

Starting on April 1, 1987, 'Kopi Kade' was the idea of Thevis Guruge, the veteran electronic media personnel who worked for the ITN. Since then it has been telecast every Wednesday without a break.

Taken up the task of bringing out to the audience by number of producers and directors, Chandika Wijesena is presently handling the direction of 'Kopi Kade'.

Speaking on the 800th episode, Chandika Wijesena the present director said he wanted to present a novel theme based on the news that hit the headlines about a strange object coming to Polonnaruwa from outer space.

Some of the characters starring in 'Kopi Kade' have now become household names and some of them are K. D. Siripala, Saman Gunawardena, Jayantha Rupasinghe, Chandrasiri Kodithuawakku, Rodny Frazer, Kumara Siriwardena and Damayantha Perera.

Bermin Lyle's hilarious drama
Bermin Lyle Fernando, who has directed several popular tele films has made a comedy "Double Acting"- 'Charitha Dekak'.

Kumari Dissanayake and Tony Ranasinghe in 'Charitha Dekak'

This is telecast every Thursday from 8.20 to 8.45 on ITN channel.

Playing the double acting role is veteran actor Tony Ranasinghe. In one he manages a big company and in the other a security officer.

The fun loving company owner, Sugath switches places with Jagath the security man resembling his boss.

This mix up is done with mischievous intent.

The telefilm is studded with many similar hilarious incidents.

Two of the latest dramas are "Swarna Kinkini" and "Ginigath Rayak" being telecast now on National Rupavahini channel.

Menike Attanayake, Wilson Gunaratne, Sanoja Bibile, Sunil Hettiarachchi, Kumari Dissanayake and Rathna Sumanapala are in the cast.


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