16th September 2001

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  • You blessed us all
  • He lived a gallant life
  • You blessed us all

    Rexaline Andradi

    I lived with my Grandma for seventeen years,
    And I write this with my eyes full of tears,
    As I felt her love throughout those years.
    We were born to be tested, both you and me,
    But unfortunately, you had to leave me.
    And I know you made it to heaven that day,
    But I am still sad that I couldn't kiss you good-bye.
    Your beautiful smile gave us a special kind of love,
    Which even made the evil bow.
    It was one of the saddest days to see you still, clothed in white,
    Now I thank the Lord for our happy days which were bright.
    Death made us apart,
    But I know that your love for us will never depart.
    Grandma you were loved for your good deeds throughout life,
    Your sufferings at the end were not in vain.
    You loved everyone both young and old,
    We are sheep that belong to your fold.
    You taught us lessons and blessed us all,
    You helped us through,we just needed to call.
    I would love to live with you again,
    But I know that it would be only in heaven some day.
    So till I meet you in heaven again,
    Please guide me and show me the path again and again.

    Minara Jayasinghe

    He lived a gallant life

    Sq. Ldr. Shiran V. Perera

    'When you go home
    Tell them of us and say
    For your tomorrow
    We gave our today"

    That's the inscription on the tomb of a gallant son of the soil, who sacrificed his life a year ago, today. It's a stark reminder of what he achieved in protecting this beautiful country still in the grip of terrorism. Shiran was a brave pilot who lived a gallant life. Full of vigour and skill, he would not think twice of jeopardizing his life as long as the objective of his mission was met: To protect and cherish all he knew and did not know, from terrorism.

    Such was his courage that he was honoured with the Rana Wickrema Padakkama and Rana Sooriya Padakkama on six different occasions. He was a qualified helicopter instructor of the elite Sri Lanka Air Force.

    Shiran was a humble soul with a passion for life. His mates at S.Thomas' College will testify to this. He was a regular spectator at the Royal Thomian cricket match. In March, this year, barely six months after his demise, there was a banner where he would normally have been, proudly proclaiming- "Shiran, we miss you! Roy-Tho 2001".

    Tears sprang to my eyes to see such passion on display and to see how he had touched many a heart! Yes indeed! It was not only his mates including myself who missed him at the Royal-Thomian, for the first time in 30 odd years. We've both had good and bad times especially at the Royal-Thomian....I still remember how my evergreen friend Sudath Munasinghe deserted me (the lame excuse was that he lost me!) and how Shiran came to the rescue with the late Wing Commander Thilina Kaluarachchi! How we ever made it back home was a debatable issue as Shiran was at the wheel not having a clue how to drive!

    1994 was a good year for him although most of us died a thousand deaths just thinking of what he was going through. Shiran was featured prominently in the media after his heroic resuce of fellow soldiers from Mullaitivu. The man was brave and in recognition he was awarded both the Rana Wickrema and Rana Sooriya Paddakkamas. Today, I have them proudly displayed on my mantelpiece in London.

    He was not a man of work only. He cherished family life, which he was not privy to. He adored children and loved my two children.

    On several occasions, when he came to London he made a point to be the dutiful uncle to his only nephew and niece.

    He died a few weeks before his marriage. I can still picture him on the terrace of Mount Lavinia Hotel, mulling over the wedding plans and more importantly the food! This was all discussed over a few beers. That was to be our last meeting. I guess, like most families who have lost a loved one, we too grieve in different ways. We are at least comforted by the thought that he is in the care of the good Lord, where his next mission is being spelt out in paradise whilst we on earth will miss him until the end of our lives.

    May he rest in peace!

    Krishan Perera

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