17th September 2000
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Ladies' night of This and That

This & That, two one-act plays and the Ladies' College Choir in concert are what Ladies' College has lined up on Saturday, September 23 at 7.15 p.m. in the school hall. The programme begins with 'The Sins of the Mother' a powerful drama about five related Irish-American women, their struggle with alcoholism and the bitterness and resentment it creates. This is followed by 'Red Spy at Night' a light-hearted spoof of the traditional spy story. Three senior spies - one Russian, one British and one American - converge on the bedroom of a famous Italian physicist, in the hope of discovering the secret formula to his latest experiment. Their bumbling efforts are assisted inadvertently by the absent-minded and amorous professor. The programme ends with well-known songs from Rogers and Hammerstein and Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals sung by the Ladies' College choir. Tharanga Goonetilleke and Rashika Perera, two very recent old girls, will make guest appearances as soloist and conductor, respectively. The sets, sound, costume design and lighting are done by the senior students. The plays have been directed by the students and fine-tuned by Ms. Romany Parakrama de Silva, an old girl herself. The choir is directed by Ms. Sharmini Wettimuny and Ms. Sureka Amarasinghe, also old girls. Musical accompaniment for the choir will be provided by Neranjan de Silva and Cristo Peiris. Proceeds will be for the school's Centenary Building Fund.

Tommiya's back and he's educating himself!

By Uthpala Gunethilake
Tommiya is no stranger to local comedy fans. Having marched to Colombo in a previous episode of the Tommiya series, he is now in the process of shedding all signs of his village origins, smartening up and learning a bit of English. But his ambitions are somewhat derailed when he's tricked into being the clueless postman aiding the romantic endeavours of Pradeep.

If you've always found Tommiya's exploits interesting, then you would surely want to know what happens when the postman fails in his job and delivers essentially confidential material to the wrong address. Find out when the latest Tommiya episode, "Madai Tommiya Kapukam Kala" hits the Lionel Wendt from September 20 to 24.

Indu Dharmasena and the cast who shoulder the task of satisfying Tommiya's fans once again, say that they enjoy themselves tremendously playing the colourful bunch of characters who make up Tommiya and Co. And they have an enthusiastic audience. "It's a family play, and there are people who wait for Tommiya every year," say the cast members.

The entire cast except for Swinitha Ratnayaka who plays Lucy, have been on stage before with Tommiya, played by Indu herself. Michael Holsinger comes on stage as Andana Silva, the hairdresser-cum-dress designer, and Krys Sosa as Tania, Andana's nosey-parker assistant. Ruhanie Perera plays the nose-in-the-air Menaka Ahangkara and Pradeep, her determined admirer is played by Thushan Hemachandra. Sakuntala Dharmatilleke is Renu, Pradeep's fiancee who finds herself in for a bitter surprise, while Dayan Dias Abeyagune-wardene plays Shohan.

With a bit of Shakespeare also thrown in, the cast guarantees some riotous entertainment. On the 20th, the All Ceylon Muslim Women's Association will sponsor the show in aid of the Fathima Welfare Centre while Hemas Sports Club presents the play on the 21st. The Lions Club of Colombo Regent sponsors it on the 22nd and 24th as a fundraiser for their service projects while the Lions Club of Colombo West presents the show on the 23rd.

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