7th May 2000

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Of maturity and panic

The government has made its response to the military losses in the North, and made sure that it is difficult for the average citizen to criticize this response. While being cognizant of this aspect of sanction that is integral to the government's response, we state we will be remiss in our duty as a responsible national newspaper if we do not comment objectively on the developing situation in the nation.

censoredThere are certain aspects of the government's moves that speak for themselves. (Censored) This includes activist members of the Sangha, who had been clamouring for a redoubled war effort from the government in place of peace initiatives. Whoever is backing the moves, the request for assistance has to be hailed.

(Censored) once having got militarily embroiled in this country's conflict once upon a time, and having dispatched part of the fourth largest army in the world as a "peace keeping force.'' The gory details of that intervention do not have to be flashed-back here, for the simple reason that they are etched too vividly in peoples' memories.

What can be said in this situation, on the other hand, is that the nation has to be resourceful (Censored). It arises from a sound appraisal of the stark truths of realpolitik.


A mature reaction should size up the nation's priorities, first of which probably is to devise the correct strategic counter moves to the LTTE's military offensives. (Censored)

Another top priority would without a doubt be to keep the nation on an even keel, which calls for ensuring that the national psyche is ready for what perhaps could be decisive months ahead. To that end, the government's moves to place the nation on a war footing may have been a positive one. (Censored).

The Editors' Guild has already made its response to the government's far reaching actions in placing extensive fetters on the press. censored

(Censored) But, we might add, we shall not desist from our duty to the readers and society by extension in this latest manifestation of national crisis.

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